Tulcea - Mila 23 Trip

Departure from Tulcea

Duration: 4-5 hours

Group tours ( private on request)

What will we visit during this trip?

The Route:

Tulcea > Canal 36 > Sontea Veche Canal > Mesteru Lake > Nebunu Lake > Cot Candura Area > Baclanesti Lake > Furtuna Lake > Vacaru Canal > Vacaru Lake > Lighianca Lake > Dunarea Veche > village Mila 23 stop where we can visit the village or we can serve a local fishing lunch
Return: Dunarea Veche > Sontea Veche > Canal s22 > Sulina Branch > Maliuc Village > Partizani Village > bifurcation of Sulina branch with the SF Gheorge branch > Tulcea

Route description:

Our trip starts from Tulcea port, in less than 5 minutes we enter Canal 36 which is known as “the gates of the Danube delta from Tulcea “. The canal is about 10 m wide and rich in flora. We can see some of the fauna such as small and large egrets, cormorants, and gray trout after which we enter the Sontea Veche canal. In a couple of minutes, we reach the platform area “La Scaunele” where a fisherman’s hut can be admired. Up next is Lake Nebunu, we cross Lake Baclanesti and Lake Fortuna, lakes that have large surfaces. Often in these lakes, we can see pelicans, swans, and other rare bird species. We enter the Vacaru canal where we have an area rich in white and yellow water lilies and an area with many reeds and rushes. Arriving in Mila 23, we stop where you can choose to serve a traditional fishing lunch served by the locals being authorized as gastronomic points or visit the village full of tradition as well to admire the houses of the Lipovan Russians having a unique architecture. We return on the S22 Canal and the Sulina Branch.


– Fish lunch* – is served by the locals. 70 RON/person. It can include: fish soup, fried fish, polenta, mujdei (traditional Romanian garlic sauce), a glass of wine, water, coffee
*The price of 70 lei per person is paid to the locals and it is not included in the price of the trip.

Price: 1̶99̶R̶O̶N̶/̶p̶e̶r̶s̶ 170RON/person

Prices for children: Free for children up to 4 years, 50% discount for children between 5-9 years, full-price ticket for children over 10 years

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