Bird colony trip

Departure from Tulcea

Duration: 2-3 hours

Group tours (private on request)

What will we visit during this trip?

The route:

Tulcea > 36 Canal > Trofilca Canal > Sireasa Canal > Cotete Lake > Carasul Lake > Purcelu Lake > North Sireasa Canal > Tulcea

Route description:

Our trip starts from Tulcea port, in less than 5 minutes we enter Canal 36 which is known as “the gates of the Danube Delta from Tulcea “. The canal is about 10 m wide and rich in flora. We can see some of the fauna such as small and large egretscormorants, and gray trout after which we enter the Trofilca canal. This canal is narrow, only 4 meters wide. Here we can often see blue gulls and other bird species. We continue in the Northern Sirearea area and we enter the Cotete lake. Cotete lake is known for the great flora and fauna found here, like yellow and white water lilies, different species of swan birds, yellow snakes, white-tailed eagle, cormorants, Eurasian spoonbill, Eurasian bittern, and sometimes even pelicans. After we admire this beautiful sanctuary we return to Tulcea on 36 canal.

Price: 1̶2̶9̶R̶O̶N̶/̶p̶e̶r̶s̶  120 RON/person

Prices for children: Free for children up to 4 years50% discount for children between 5-9 yearsfull-price ticket for children over 10 years

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